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CoWorking/flexible workspace ecosystem
Benefit from sending customers our way when they are leaving or your parameters didnt fit their needs. 

Reffering your customers to Officejuggle. 

Your tenants have terminated their contract. This can be due to many varriables that you cannot capasitate. Send them our way, let us find them a new officespace and we offer you 20% of our fee when they sign a new contract. 

Reffering companies who are viewing 

You have a viewing and you know the customers needs dont fit with what you have to offer, send them our way so we can help them find a space that does and get 20% of our fee. 

We fill your vacancies 

Officejuggle sends potential clients your way

We save you time 

We call you before seting up the showing insuring the customers needs can be met to not waist time both ways around on showings that arent relevant. 

We are your one contact point so you dont spend prized time on back and forth communication with possible clients. 

Be part of our database of office locations

Don't let your spaces go vacant

We find you tennants. our fee is charged when the contract is signed

2 month all inclusive rent

I have been in the co-working and officehotel industry for quite some time now, my goal when starting the business was to fill the gap in the market. Educating the danish market to the benefits of co-working along with the importance of the workplace. 

 The Co-working and flexible workspace market is growing rapidly. Demand has increased by 19% and is continuing in double figured growth.


Flexible workspaces are becoming more experimental and differentiated as choice in the market increases. With the economy shifting from established corporations to a start up and leaner company culture, it’s becoming increasingly important to recognise that we all work differently. So finding the right space is essential but with overwhelming choice and possibilities, it can be hard and a time consuming process.




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